Well, I decided to call the blog Vintage Writing because I have a rather large stash of vintage ink to work my way through, including a quart-size bottle of Carter’s Tulip Purple from the 1930’s or 1940’s.   I’ll post pictures of the packaging and really cool bottle at a later date, but for now I’ll just focus on the ink.

This is a very vibrant, relatively well-behaved vintage ink–meaning no feathering or bleed-through–although I found that it stains like crazy.  It turned the clear converter of an Ahab into a dark blue-purple color.  Shading is OK, and as you can see, it worked pretty well in the flex nib.

A Vibrant Purple Ink

The color, viewed in certain light, has a lot of blue in it.

Here’s a close up, you can see more of the purple.

You can see more of the Purple here

P.S.  There’s no way I’ll ever use up this much of the stuff.  If anyone wants some, I’m happy to send you some in an ink sample vial or an empty ink bottle, provided I have some on hand.  PM me on FPN or leave me a note in the comments here.  FPN name is jbc0531.