About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve collected “obsolete” writing instruments, namely pens, pencils, and various forms of high-end stationary.  I write for a living (as an attorney/litigator), as a hobby (fiction/nonfiction/journaling), and the truth is, I believe that these sort of “analog” tools, for lack of a better term, help me think better, are more enjoyable, and, quite frankly, just let me slow down and enjoy life as opposed to putting everything that comes through my head out there in an unfiltered fashion.

Originally, this blog was conceived as a way for me to review items of interest to me as I built my collection of fountain pens.  I seriously dove into the pen-collecting hobby for about three years, and as it turns out the blog never really got off the ground because I felt there were so many straight-up “pen and ink review” blogs out there, and I couldn’t come up with a way to distinguish this one from the rest.

Recently, though, I’ve begun to focus less on collecting and more on incorporating my writing instruments into my daily life, which likewise led to me branching out from fountain pens exclusively into other pens and pencils that I can use more consistently on a daily basis as a working professional.  This blog, newly rechristened “Vintage Writing, Modern World,” consists of my reflections on how I’ve managed (or failed) to do so, with some pen, ink, and assorted stationery and stationery-related items reviewed from the perspective of a working professional who tries to carry them every day.

That said, I still have a rather sizable vintage pen collection, which I use regularly, and which I anticipate will make many appearances over the posts to come.

Hope you enjoy!



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